Lenny Stamm and Michael Stamm v MSP Forensic Science Division

Black and White and Thin Blue Lines introduces our listeners to men and women who fight the eternal battle for justice, or those who have fought it, or those who aspire to fight it. In our first episode of Season 2, we invite you to get to know the father/son team of lawyers, Lenny Stamm and Michael Stamm, who are leading the defense bar charge against the “forensic malpractice” (our words, not theirs) of the Maryland State Police Forensic Science Division crime lab blood testing.

First, the listeners get to know two great lawyers and then Lenny and Michael give us an education on the scientific process of determining the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood and the reasons the Maryland State Police crime lab was found to be non-conforming by its audit agency — about six months before they told anybody. This episode is at once technical and interesting. We hope you will listen.