Maryland State Police Seek to Fire Trooper of the Year

Serge and I discuss the backward world of the Maryland State Police with one of its own.  You will hear from a “brown skin Muslim” who was awarded the 2019 statewide “Trooper of the Year” by Governor Hogan. But the next year—when he again outperformed every other trooper—this Trooper First Class was told that a brown skin Muslim will NOT be the face of the agency two years in a row. Then a white Sergeant accused the Trooper of falsifying the location of a traffic stop in spite of four permanent MSP records that accurately recorded the location of the stop. The accusation of false reports bordered on the absurd. The Maryland State Police cannot explain why key evidence is missing. But none of that mattered; an Assistant Attorney General advocated that an administrative hearing board convict the Trooper of the Year and recommend his termination to the Superintendent.  And they did that. This is part 1 of a two-part podcast. You will want to write to Governor Hogan and move to Florida after this one.