Project EXILE makes for strange bedfellows in Baltimore

The acting United States Attorney for the District of Maryland holds a press conference to announce an expanded Project EXILE in Baltimore. He shares the stage with State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Serge Antonin and Clarke Ahlers consider the confusing messages being sent by Marilyn Mosby who told her constituents that the most serious problem facing African Americans in Baltimore is the systemically racist criminal justice system. 

U.S. Attorney’s Office press release on expanding Project EXILE.

Fox Baltimore Article

Includes a photograph of Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan Lenzner, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

Audio files of public service announcements publicizing Project EXILE in Baltimore.

Article from The Trace

The ATF Catches Thousands of Lawbreaking Gun Dealers Every Year. It Shuts Down Very Few.

Garrison’s Constitution

The 3/5th compromise embodied in the United States Constitution counting a slave as a 3/5th a person for apportioned representation by population in the southern states is explained here.