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Black and White and Thin Blue Lines, Inc. thanks its sponsors: Steel Security Corporation and Clarke F. Ahlers, P.C.

If you know of a business that could benefit from an audience interested in criminal justice issues—from distributors of police equipment to non-profits providing help to inmates to secure freedom under the Second Chance Act and anything in between—contact us using the form below and discuss the benefits to your organization. We are approachable, interested, and flexible and we would enjoy working with you. Thank you.

Steel Security Corporation is committed to providing cost-effective, efficient and professional security services to our clients. Our company offers innovative and progressive security solutions in a sector that is rapidly evolving and changing. We work hard at Steel Security Corporation to continuously improve the professional growth of our employees through training opportunities that continue to support our number one goal: to protect your business's number one asset — its people.

We have extensive Law Enforcement and Military Training and are ready to put our experience serving our country abroad to use protecting our own communities.

I do not believe that the term “criminal justice system”​ fairly describes the fragmented, bureaucratic, and highly politicized non-system of law enforcement, judicial resources and corrections facilities that exist in our society.

This is an observation and not a criticism. The criminal justice process of the United States of America aspires to provide due process of law and conflict resolution within the framework of a Constitution enacted to ensure individual freedom. This is a complex process.

I am very familiar with our fragmented, bureaucratic and politicized “non-system” of justice and offer professional legal services to assist clients in the following ways:

  • Pre-Trial Consultations, legal analysis, defense strategies, critical witness preparation and key witness cross-examination;
  • Criminal Defense at Trial;
  • Defense of Administrative Charges;
  • Instruction and Continuing Legal Education; and
  • Media Comment.

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