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From the Crisis Prevention Institute: Seven Signs A Weapon Is Being Concealed

The article discusses the importance of visual weapons screening to prevent planned assaults, particularly in schools and other public institutions. It highlights a case where a heavily armed individual went unnoticed and killed his ex-wife outside a grocery store, despite the presence of an experienced deputy sheriff hired to protect patrons. The article stresses that…

Concealed Carry Do’s and Don’ts

Modern America gives citizens more reasons than ever to take up arms to defend themselves and their loved ones. Bear in mind that no government agency sees it as its mission to protect citizens 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. However, the government is always prepared to catalog its citizens as criminals or…

Rape Prevention

Sexual assault is a crime of power and intimidation often driven by carnal instincts. The nature of sexual assault makes it one of those crimes that, while unpredictable, is at the same time very predictable.There is not always some box into which all perpetrators comfortably fit, which makes it almostimpossible to determine the time or…

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