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Tenets of Self-Defense—Road Rage Prevention

This is the first scenario in this survival guide based on my four tenets of self-defense. When your life is in danger, your options are limited. Below is a guide to road rage prevention and survival. Prevention Survival

Tenets of Self-Defense—Types of Awareness

Usually, self-defense is considered survival against unprovoked attacks by human attackers. In actuality, self-defense is so much more nuanced than that. Preserving one’s life is far more complex than a few hand strikes or gunshots. Listed below are some essential tenets of self-defense—four essential types of awareness.

The Dead Fox Near the Prison

It was summertime and pleasant outside in western Maryland. Part of nature’s dissonance is how the weather can feel so gentle and wonderful next to something so gruesome as a prison. It was 6:00 p.m. as the two men waited until the tower correctional officer, or “C/O,” unlocked the outer gate to the visitor sallyport…

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