Cop Flash Bangs Are Bad For Babies . . . or maybe not.

On the afternoon of January 10, 2024, more than 20 police officers in tactical gear carrying long arms and deploying flash bangs served a search warrant in Elyria, Ohio. Sure … the usual stuff. You know. The guy the police were looking for hadn’t lived at the residence the cops trashed for more than a year. Oh, and there was another hiccup. It seems the police deployed a flash-bang grenade that blew out a glass window over a bassinet where a 17-month-old baby was breathing on a ventilator. Not to worry. The Police Department issued a press release assuring the public that no baby was injured in the fiasco (because flash bangs don’t use caustic chemicals). In other news, the baby was admitted to the hospital for treatment of his non-injuries. Don’t let the baby’s picture fool you; the child always looked like that. Clarke vents and Serge analyzes the unintended battery on the baby and the intentional assault on our intelligence.