LA County Deputy Sheriffs Apparently Never Got the Memo

On June 24, 2023, two LA County Deputy Sheriffs arrested two persons in Lancaster, CA under confusing circumstances. The first arrest was of a man that the deputies told was being detained for investigation. He was arrested — but the deputies conducted no investigation from detention to arrest. The second arrest was of a woman who recorded the police detaining (or arresting) the man. One of the deputies threw the woman to the ground, put his hand and knee on her neck, and pepper sprayed her from a distance of about 12 inches. As far as Serge and Clarke can determine, he did this to stop her from recording the deputies even though the deputies were recording the incident on body worn cameras in a parking lot with security cameras. 

A quick note of caution. In this episode, we play about five minutes of the body worn camera audio, which includes a small amount of cursing. Please be aware of this before you play this episode around children.