Rape Prevention

Sexual assault is a crime of power and intimidation often driven by carnal instincts. The nature of sexual assault makes it one of those crimes that, while unpredictable, is at the same time very predictable.
There is not always some box into which all perpetrators comfortably fit, which makes it almost
impossible to determine the time or the place where sexual assaults will occur. The only certainty
regarding sexual assault is that the aftermath is permanently devastating, which is why every effort
must be taken to prevent sexual assaults.

  1. Avoid environments or situations where grooming can occur. Grooming often takes place in
    families or religious settings.
  2. “Stranger Danger” is a real thing regardless of demographics (age, race, religion, etc.)
    Unfortunately, acquaintance danger can also be very real l, so it is essential to follow your gut.
  3. Avoid excessive use of intoxicants.
  4. Just because you are physically able to engage in an activity or visit certain places, that does not
    mean that it is always a good idea to do so, i.e., Jogging alone, hiking alone, traveling alone, or
    going to bars alone.
  5. Never attempt to convince yourself or anyone else that the list of wholesome things that occur after
    midnight is a long list.
  6. Be your voice of reason.
  7. Try not to present yourself as a soft target.
  8. Develop plans for subterfuge for when you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations.
  9. Acquire the tools and training to physically prevent an assault, i.e., pepper spray, edged
    weapons, firearms, and martial arts training.
  10. Share experiences!
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