Police Body-Worn Cameras in the George Floyd, Daunte Wright & Ma’Khia Bryant cases.

In this episode, Serge Antonin and Clarke Ahlers discuss the recent phenomenon of body-worn cameras and the impact the cameras had in the prosecution of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, the anticipated prosecution of Kim Potter for the shooting death of Daunte Wright, and the probability that the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant by Police Officer Nicholas Reardon will be ruled legally justified and within policy. 

To watch the body-worn camera footage in the cases we discuss, please refer below.
Warning: contains graphic content.

GEORGE FLOYD / DEREK CHAUVIN—YouTube compilation of relevant videos – graphic content.
GEORGE FLOYD / DEREK CHAUVIN—CNN Collection of relevant videos

CNN collection of relevant videos.

DAUNTE WRIGHT / KIM POTTER—YouTube compilation of relevant videos
Ma’KHIA BRYANT / NICHOLAS REARDON—YouTube compilation of BWC and news conference