Just a Podcast about Another Cop Changing the World One Soul at a Time

This podcast is the story of “Randy” Morton. Randy grew up in West Baltimore where a mentor steered him into Boy Scouts. Randy committed and became an Eagle Scout. After high school, he joined the military.  After the military,  he worked as a “drill sergeant” with the North American Family Institute which held a contract with the D.C. Superior Courts for adolescent and adult Boot Camps. Then he joined the Maryland Transportation Authority Police Department where he has worked for more than two decades. Along the way he became a pastor and a youth counselor, husband, and father.  This is a podcast about  indefatigable  commitment to the community. You might even hear a four letter word: love. And what is Randy up to now — bringing mental health awareness to law enforcement officer and first responders. If you ever wonder what heroes sound like, listen to this episode.

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