Stand Your Ground Doesn’t Legalize Illegal Deadly Force

Serge and Clarke celebrate Easter. We have friends who have a blessed Ramadan. We have friends who we will wish Happy Passover in several weeks. We have re-uploaded an episode. We will be back next week with a brand-new episode.

In rural New York, a 65-year-old man fired two shots from his porch killing a young woman in a car who was lost and turned around in his driveway. In Missouri, an 84-year-old man fired two shots from his front door injuring a teenager who rang his bell, mistakenly at the wrong address to pick up his younger brothers. In both cases, activists allege that stand-your-grounds laws are in part responsible for these tragic circumstances. Serge and Clarke discuss the cases and dismiss stand-your-ground arguments, but disagree on the lessons from these cases.