The Columbia Project — Our Ten Point Plan to Address Intentional Mass Casualty Events

Our last podcast described the racist criminal mayhem in Buffalo, NY. After the podcast was uploaded for broadcast, but before it was released, Salvadore Ramos killed 19 school children and two teachers in Ulvade, Texas. Serge and I promised our listeners that we would address this ongoing problem in our next podcast. We have. After a short discussion about the Ulvade massacre, Serge and I discuss “The Columbia Plan.” The Columbia Plan is our ten-point idea to call upon America’s best and brightest to determine the best practices to prevent or significantly deter intentional mass casualty events. In the 19th century, “Columbia” was the goddess-like personification of the United States and liberty itself. Our 21st century idea is to mimic the Manhattan Project (1942-1946) with the goal of assessing and publishing the best ideas from 20 disciplines to stop, or deter intentional mass casualty events. Serge and I have put our thoughts to paper. We are writing to everyone and their brother. We ask you to listen and to join in a push to address this national crisis.