Tenets of Self-Defense—Road Rage Prevention

This is the first scenario in this survival guide based on my four tenets of self-defense. When your life is in danger, your options are limited. Below is a guide to road rage prevention and survival.


  1. Ensure that you maintain and use vehicle equipment properly. Something as simple as failure to signal the intent to change direction or improper use of a vehicle’s horn could lead to a potentially dangerous encounter.
  2. Carefully observe and follow the rules of the road; not doing so could lead to potentially dangerous encounters.
  3. Practice driving defensively rather than recklessly or offensively, and do not drive impaired or distracted.
  4. Always be courteous, and treat other drivers as you want them to treat your loved ones.
    Avoid eye contact with reckless/aggressive drivers whenever possible.
  5. Leave early for your destination!


  1. If you should find yourself involved in a potential road rage situation, you should try to remove yourself from it immediately.
  2. Exit your vehicle only as a last resort.
  3. Avoid following an aggressive driver and avoid becoming the aggressor.
  4. If you cannot prevent the situation from escalating, document everything and call the police as soon as possible and provide as much pertinent information as you can at the time.
  5. If you believe you are being followed, activate your hazard lights, call 911 and drive to the nearest police/sheriff’s facility. Do not drive home or to the home of any acquaintances.
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