Tenets of Self-Defense—Road Trip Preparation and Survival

Are you planning to hit the open road? If so, you’ll want to make sure that you and your passengers are safe and secure during your travels. From packing the right supplies to keeping your car in good condition, there are essential steps you need to take to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. In this blog post, we’ll list out some things to consider to keep you safe and make sure your journey is a smooth one.

  1. Properly prepare your vehicle for the trip, and if time permits have a multipoint inspection conducted by a certified mechanic.  
  2. Plot your course to include rest stops and gas fill-up.
  3. Wear at least one bright-colored clothing item to ensure that your presence will be noticeable and memorable.
  4. Pack as much of your food and drink as possible to limit the number of trip interruptions. 
  5. Make sure that your credentials and an emergency contact list are readily accessible in case you should have an encounter with the police or any other emergency personnel. 
  6. Make sure that you designate at least one person with whom you will check in during your journey.
  7. If you are traveling to a destination for the first time, research the area (crime trends, weather occurrences, hospitals, etc.) 
  8. If you plan to carry a weapon of any type, research the laws of your destination and any state you will be traveling through to avoid any legal issues regarding your weapons.
  9. If you are not staying at a private residence, make sure that you do adequate research  and stay at someplace that is reputable (Check the good and bad reviews)
  10. Drive during the daylight hours whenever possible.
  11. Do not drive distracted or tired!
  12. This is a list of some safety items that you may find helpful: some type of road flare or hazard warning devices, at least one flashlight, safety blanket, jumper cables or jump box, portable smoke/carbon monoxide detector, spare tire, and operable vehicle jack.
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